In loving memory of Lucky

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[This was originally posted on my main blog before I moved it here]
Yesterday my cat Lucky has been missing for a month. He just didn't come home on 14 July 2008. I am still heartbroken and miss him so much. Even now I still come home some nights expecting to see his gleaming eyes in the car's lights, listening for his loud meows because he's so happy not to be alone anymore, waiting to hear him run across the stoep to get inside the house, looking into his basket and expecting to see his little sleeping body in there...

I really miss him. I cry every time I think about him gone. I've prayed really hard about it and I'm peaceful about the outcome -- whatever it might be. I am hopeful AND realistic at the same time... but that doesn't make it easier.

So, here's to you Lucky, who are an amazing cat, a sweet friend and loving companion, a very unique character and irreplaceable in every way. If you do happen to read this, please come home! I miss you SO MUCH!

The day we met...

...he stole my heart (photo taken Oct. 2007)

The day I brought him home from the SPCA, only 8 months old.

Bonding time

These photos were taken in May 2008

Lots of snuggles and love! He's the only cat I know that asked for attention all the time!

He started this 'thing' where he would climb with his front paws on my shoulder then put his head on my shoulder (the way you'd hold a baby). He only did it with me, and it made me feel very special and close to him :-)

Up close and personal

These photos were taken April 2008

Isn't he just the most beautiful cat? Throw in a personality to match, coupled with the sweetest disposition, and he truly is irreplaceable.

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